Douglas Fir / D-White
12 inch Wide
16 ft Long
XXL Plank

Intentionally bespoke

All projects deserve an intentional approach. Finishes and dimensions build a bespoke foundation for every space.
Hard maple / hush
6.5 inch Wide
7 ft Long
Atmosphere Collection

Curated Materials

Our selection of materials and products have been meticulously curated from only the best suppliers in the world.
White Oak / natural
5 inch Wide
24 ft Long


Elevate your flooring to a work of art with our curated collection and custom-made patterns.
Flooring is one piece of a bigger puzzle, and as such it needs to fit within the homeowner’s overall aesthetic and budget. If the home has a very neutral setting and décor, a more dramatic flooring might be appropriate, but typically the flooring is a complementary component of the design and should work with the style of home, paint colours, etc.


Every project is Bespoke to the smallest detail

Material & Finish

Impeccable selection of premium materials and exquisite finishing techniques that elevate our bespoke flooring to unmatched levels of luxury and sophistication.


Tailor-made widths meticulously crafted to fit your unique space, ensuring a seamless and perfectly proportioned flooring solution that exudes elegance and exclusivity.


Indulge in flooring tailored precisely to your specifications, meticulously measured and cut to fit every nook and cranny of your distinguished living environment, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship.


Elevate your flooring to a work of art with our curated collection of intricate patterns, meticulously handcrafted to infuse your space with a distinct sense of opulence, allowing you to create a truly bespoke and captivating ambiance.


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